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Surf & Desert


The density of frequentation of surfers is determined by the combination of at least three factors: oceanographic (which says surf, said waves), meteorological (it is better with good weather) and societal (which says leisure, said free time).

 These vary greatly over time and look for relatively random types of combinations. When all the ingredients are combined, it’s the crowd on the spots.

 When the waves are there and the surfers get free time, the uncertainty of the printed maps creates a lot of hesitation.

When the weather is favorable and surfers get free time, the absence of waves often leads to a beach day, learning Yoga or exploing the desert.

When the waves are coming and the weather is favorable, the lack of availability can cause some regrets.


The wave factor

Surfing requires waves. However, even in a region which is well placed and renowned from this point of view, this is not the case every day.

Regular practitioners, who mostly live near the waves, plan their session (time spent in the water) according to their level of surfing.

Typically, waves with a size between 1.0 and 1.5 m are the most sought after. Below, the slide is winding and does not deliver the desired sensations.

This is the beginners' area. Beyond that, the session becomes physical, even dangerous. In other words, a large part of the surfers will be dissuaded from going to the open sea, so that a natural selection will take place.

This will have the logical consequence of limiting the frequentation of the spot. These special conditions are reserved for experts, experienced and physically prepared surfers.


The weather factor

The weather also dictates surfing opportunities. For regular surfers, the colour of the sky doesn't matter.

Only the characteristics of the wind are essential. They will make all the difference between a "drinking" session and a "memorable" session.

In general, the absence of wind is good news for surfers. The body of water is then glassy. In other words, it has no roughness and looks like a mirror (this makes sliding more flexible).

If the wind is present, to have waves with high potential, it must come from the earth. In the surfing world, it is called offshore wind.

 It will have the effect of smoothing the body of water, digging the waves and slowing their surge. The airwaves then resemble those found in magazines. They give the most talented surfers the possibility of making a "tube".

It is the queen of surfing. It consists of staying as long as possible in the vortex of the wave, as the surge progresses.


The holiday factor

A final factor comes into play: the calendar. On equal terms, it seems logical to reason this way: attendance will be all the more important since we are in a weekend or public holiday period, therefore a fortiori during the holidays.

This parameter is undoubtedly the most difficult to grasp because it comes from a stack of individual and independent situations.

 So for example, if he has the possibility, the local surfer who has been able to free up some free time will gladly opt for a morning outing in the middle of the week, precisely to avoid the crowds of the weekend.

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